Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Issue Voter

I'll be the first to admit it. At this time, I'm a one-issue voter.

It wasn't a year ago that I would very much "Go along to get along." I didn't really mind the concept of a National ID card -- being a computer geek, I though the convenience of carrying everything on a single card might be less cumbersome for me.

Sure, I still leaned right for fiscal and foreign relation issues and left for social issues; however, it all started when I bought my first firearm. Yes, this boils down to owning a pistol.

Being the person I am, when I get into a new area of knowledge, I'm compulsive to the point where I need to learn as much as I can on the subject. So, it started off innocuously enough... safety, handing, storage, cleaning. Then, I began to research the laws to know where I could and could not carry. This ultimately re-ignited a passion I'd had for US History; I know it's a bit of a stretch, there, but for the first time in probably 15 years, I read the Declaration of Independence. I read the Constitution. I read some of the Federalist papers. I took a course in Constitutional Law. I continue my learning to this day learning about Criminal Law.

The thing is, I see what the framers intended and what they did to struggle out from being under the thumb of the King and I see what the government does today and I have to shake my head.

Here's another issue I have. I still believe that the government can be fixed -- in my research and forum activity, I've met many people who are either borderline or full-blown seditionists. I don't begrudge them their point of view; however, I don't advocate a second Civil War, nor the introduction of an Anarchal government.

But it does go to show you how the past 20 administrations have enacted laws and policies for the greater good that have pushed its citizens to the edge of rebellion.

I'll 'stick to my guns', if you'll forgive the pun. I'm a one-issue voter. It's my belief that someone who truly and honestly believes that an armed society is beneficial byproduct of the right guaranteed by the Second Amendment, then they'll believe in the rest of the Constitution and do their best to live by it.

I may be holding my breath for a while waiting for a candidate who will have the support of the people.


Mike W. said...

I tend to agree with you Rob. Being a gun owner does turn you into a "one issue voter" because a candidates stance on the 2A gives you great insight into his/her character. Not only that, it shows how the candidate views the constitutents he/she is supposed to "serve."

If he / she doesn't respect the 2A (in actions, not just lip-service come election time) how are we supposed to trust them not to throw the rest of the BOR under the bus?

Fletch said...

Good post. I'm one of those compulsive researchers too, and am late to the whole rights fight (guns and others), yet just as outraged.

Woodchuck said...

Great Blog. Keep it up. I myself have been reading the opencarry.org and have been working up the nerve to open carry


Rob said...

Really? Whereabouts are you from? If you're in Delaware, be sure to check out my site: http://deloc.org/ -- a group for Delaware Open (and concealed) Carriers. :)